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Cable Ties

Cable ties are the most extensively used fasteners across the world, with numerous applications across various industries and sectors. Here, Vasco International, is an India’s leading supplier and exporter of high quality international standard Nylon cable ties.

All the cable ties and cable clips supplied by Vasco International are UL, CE and ROHS approved. Our cable ties perform very well under varying weather conditions and are exported across the globe.


Vasco non releasable nylon cable ties have now replaced most other old fashioned binding instruments such as rubber bands, wires, adhesive tape and ropes.

Vasco nylon cable ties are available in a comprehensive range of sizes starting from 75 MM (3 inches) and going up to 1200 MM (4 feet), with tensile strength of up to 120 kg(f)

UL-Approved UV Stabilized Nylon 6.6 CABLE TIES:

UV Resistant Cable Ties are UV stabilized in the true sense by adding Ultraviolet stabilizers procured from especially Europe for this purpose for outdoor applications.

Vasco UV protected cable ties are being used by our customers across the globe in applications ranging from solar power projects, wind mills, telecommunication towers and several other outdoor uses.

We also supply Heat Stabilized, Fire Retardant (UL 94-V0) & Chemical Resistant cable ties.