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Adhesive Tapes and Polyolefin Shrink Film

Vasco International has created a strong network for the export of Acrylic Packaging Tapes, Tear Tapes and Polyolefin Shrink Film to fulifill the increasing demand of International customers.Each tape supplied by Vasco offers superior performance, high tack, better cohesion, optimal elongation, and great tensile strength.

Tear Tapes :  

This high tensile tear tape offers good initial tack, excellent shear resistance, and strong ultimate adhesion. Available in a variety of lengths and widths for application flexibility. It is used for detergent and consumer cartons, padded shipping envelopes, express         delivery, and courier envelopes and medium to heavy-weight corrugated cartons.

Product category :

  1. Self Adhesive Tear tape  
  2. Heat Activated Tear Tape                  
  3. Carton Tear Tape


  1. Standard tapes in transparent, plain colours, lines and dots
  2. Printing designs with up to 10 colours (rotogravure), 4+1 colours (digital printing)
  3. Width between 1.6 mm and 15 mm
  4. Length up to 120 km per reel


Acrylic Tapes :

Acrylic Tapes is suitable for all types of carton sealing application, ensuring highsealability of packaging both in storage and transport. It is the best solution for reliable, all- temperature and all-weather box sealing performance.

Product category :

  1. General Purpose Tape                  
  2. 2” Core Tape     
  3. Freezer Tape
  4. Hot Melt Acrylic                                
  5. Solvent Acrylic     
  6. Lable Protection Tape
  7. Easy Tear Tape                                   
  8. Printable Tape


Features :

  • High-performance grade, heavy-duty acrylic packaging tape
  • UV-resistant
  • Performs in a range of temperatures
  • Excellent aging characteristics


Polyolefin Shrink Films : We offer food grade extremely durable and versatile 'premium' Polyolefin shrink film. Shrink films are available with different characteristics, including a cross-linked film that provides high-tensile strength and incredible clarity for high-speed packaging applications.

Grade Available in shrink films

BX-505 Non Cross Linked  

BX-ULTRA Cross Linked         

BX-777 Hot Slip